What do the Butterflies mean?

 You will wonder why that deployment
of yellow light with so many butterflies fluttering on the page,
this begins on September 28, 2003.

One day I was in a process of internal search, because although for many it seems that it is easy, it is a situation that leads me to constant reflection and to the question: "Am I doing it right?" And suddenly you find yourself with a reality that you are a fragile human being, with weaknesses, fears and you feel immensely tiny to the great responsibility and the full knowledge of knowing that they Are, They exist. These were days when I felt that I was not the right person, where my fears together with fear and insecurity made me take refuge in my house where she introduces herself and says: "Beloved daughter, stay in peace and leave on the seventh day, go with the prayer group to receive the Eucharist and you will leave as the butterfly leaves the cocoon, resplendent and there will not be a cloud on the horizon ", being in the retreat at home, Alba tells me that a week before (September 21, 2003) I had dreamed that I was in a butterfly cocoon and could be seen leaving it.

She comes to visit me at the house and says: "How nice you would see some butterflies in those paintings that you are doing", and I answer: "Yes, I am going to paint them blue because She in Bethany manifests with blue butterflies", I prepare the paint that is acrylic, but I could not paint it because my hands hurt a lot where I have the stigmas and the paint dried up, I asked myself: "Could it be that he does not want me to paint them?" On Saturday, October 4, 2003 in the afternoon, talking to Alba on the phone, I say: "What Mass are we going to go to on Sunday?" She tells me that the group wants to go to the Church of San Nicolás de Bari, but that Dr. Aguilar had said that we had to go to the cloistered nuns to his little chapel on Mount Carmel, in the Sierra, Alba tells me that is a very early hour, I close my eyes and visualize the whole group in the little chapel, I tell Alba what I am seeing and at that moment my sound system is turned on, sounding the Ave Maria and I said: "She wants that is where the nuns. "

On Sunday, October 5, when everyone is at the door of the Chapel, I tell them: "There is no cloud on the horizon" I was really excited, because those were also the words of the Virgin and I personally interpreted that I was going to leave without doubts and without worries and it was very big my surprise to see a totally clear sky without a cloud in a mountain area where there is always fog, which is the Sierra.

While at Mass, Alba tells me: "They are yellow", I was concentrating on prayer, I felt so light and I see that fluttering in the Chapel there were yellow butterflies and the big surprise was when we left the mass that a large number of butterflies Yellow enveloped us all, you can imagine what we felt, it was a wonderful experience, to see them flutter, they passed us in front of the face, so many butterflies and the aroma, that aroma of flowers that when She is present feels, My God Holy! Thank you for so much blessing and so much love. We could not move, we laughed, we cried, it was really wonderful.

Back to the house, I was able to paint the butterflies, without any problem, they were yellow. So when you are walking, walking and see a yellow butterfly, remember the Virgin that She is always present.

On October 13th, she introduces herself and gives me the message that is posted on the page, I call Alba to tell her and she says: "And I know why you are calling me, she showed up, right?", Yes. How do you know? he replies: "When I arrived at the florist's shop I went to open the door and there was a yellow butterfly." So every time I see them, he smiled, I feel His love and His presence.

Rosaura Gonzalo
February 3, 2005